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The concept of the elastomeric pen cap is derived from the observation of deformation of a condom or the shift of the penis of a male sex.

A “sexual” parallel, when we know that the pen is often synonymous with sexual identity, when it is handled in a meeting for example.

However, this is the only link, because this solution has several advantages, that of child safety, because the cap is not detachable, it cannot be swallowed by a small child on its own. Moreover, being no longer detachable, it cannot be lost. It is mechanismless, simple in design, manufacture and use.

¾ Before the ballpoint pen, with its cap attached to the body, welded or overmolded,

¾ Back of the ballpoint pen, for example with a soft reminder between the cap and the cap.

To open it, simply pinch the end of the cap and roll it towards the back of the pen, it will roll up naturally and leave room for the pen lead.
The elasticity forces due to the winding, will keep the cap open.
To close it, all you have to do is unroll it and it will take its natural place, thus obstructing the tip of the pen and protecting it from dust and air to prevent the ink from drying.

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Realization of functional models and prototypes

Photo Yann Serre

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