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Alain Deveze

Alain Devèze was born on November 23, 1968 in Lyon, Former student of Franco Sbarro, he is a designer, designer and independent industrial creator. He has been titled many times with, among other things, the 1st Prize at the Lépine competition "President of the Republic" in 2005 and the prize for the best inventor 2013, with his various inventions, whether rhomboids, but also a multitude. of products, some of which are marketed. He is also lecturer in University at the Higher Institute of Design ISD Rubika in Valenciennes in Automotive Design. His passion for creation and for a better world drives him to always go beyond what exists today, an idealist and a creative in the service of the product.

The company

Our company is 100% French in production as well as in know-how and transmission. We are open to the world and to novelty and we are always looking to improve ourselves in order to offer you an ever more qualitative and constantly improving service. Our key words? passion, quality and customer relationship.



Hobby and passion

Sciences and Archeology

I love sciences theory on the relativity, the gravity, the cosmology, the quantic Mechanic, etc. I like also, Archeology around the world. I love the pre colombian and pre hispanic history, the prehistory, the history of the earth and the Dinosor theory.

1996 - 1997

Industrial Design School in EDPL Nantes France

title of Industrial Designer

Design and art

I love my job, it is also my passion, i love industrial and automotive design, and it is always a pleasur to practice the creativity workshop with my studients. I love also discovering the new art in the museum, around the world.


The Inventions is my second professional passion, i like create a new world, i want to have the better answer at the problematic. I would like create a futur with inventions that have a real meaning, that's my main goal.

1992 - 1993

University of ESPACE SBARRO Switzerland

Automotive conception, design and prototyping

1984 - 1991

technical College

- CAP Electromechanical and

-BEP & CAP maintenance of mechanical systems, -BAC Pro Technical Drawing by computer

Sport and travel

I love sport in the wild, like BMX, jogging, skiing and trekking or travel on over land and over country, with different culture, different people and art.

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