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Man-Tx is a true reflection on the creative dynamism and the aerodynamics of vehicles rolling. Aerodynamics, managed with great drift homeland comprising central, front wheel, the pilot, the engine and rear wheel. The support is generated by aerodynamic wings that act wing aircraft reversed create a deportation close to the center of gravity.

The realization of the scale model 1 is made of traditional wood, polystyrene foam, epoxy resin, polyester chews, topping Polyester primer and finish paint polyurethane. The realization of the model was a real challenge, since it in a garage in the basement and 15 sqm. I n'ais at no time managed to mount the model completely, I had to be listed right wing or left wing, the decline was zero, I was afraid of the result! Snapshots of the first model finalized and painted on the parking lot of my garage at Seynod Barral, common Annecy in the Haute Savoie (74). I was rather surprised because I was afraid of this moment, this is the first time I saw her completely mounted.

The realization of the scale 1 model is made in the traditional way, in wood, polystyrene foam, epoxy resin, polyester mastic, polyester filling primer and a polyurethane paint finish.

Presentation of the man-Tx at the Paris Motor Show 2004, photos taken by the Web magazine GTDreams.

Meeting with Mr Franco Sbarro, my former teacher, a real honor to receive him on my stand, because he is for me a great man in the history of automobile creation!
See Espace Sbarro
But also, meeting and presentation of the Man-Tx to Mr Henri Pescarolo, a great moment because for me he is one of the greatest racing drivers and created the history of this magical sport!

Track tests by Tuning Project and Auto Hebdo.

Le challenge a été tenu. Un remerciement à tous ceux qui m'ont apporté leur aide et leur soutien.


Un remerciement spécial à Oidiâa, Georges et Eliane Deveze, Pierre Fichet Delavaux, Guillaume Michel, Yannick Bornicat, Ludovic Lazareth, Franck Delay, Pierre Joly, et tous mes amis du village de la Bridoire en savoie.

Sponsors : Michelin, Becker industrie, Automobile BMC, Carrosserie Bornicat, Lazareth Auto-Moto.

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