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Hinge Sathys Safty Anti Trauma Hand System, "SATYS" Egyptian goddess protective guardian of ancient Egypt.See details below ...

In France, an average of 30,000 hospitalizations per year (320,000 in the United States) involve finger crushing by a door, and in 70% of cases, the accident occurs at the level of the pivot equipped with hinges. In 95% of cases these accidents are domestic and in 75% of the cases an adult was present to see responsible for the accident.

Security systems are present on the market, but the existing devices are mainly studied for the communities, and unsuitable for the domestic market.


Faced with this large number of crush or finger-cutting accidents caused by the use of the door blocks currently on the market, I created the SATHYS hinge, the world's first anti-finger door hinge.

Face à ce grand nombre d'accidents provoqués par l'utilisation des blocs de porte actuellement sur le marché, j'ai créé la charnière SATHYS, la première charnière de porte anti-doigts au monde. Elle est anti pince-doigts de part son intégration dans une huisserie au profilé spécifique (le bâti de la porte), elle s'intègre parfaitement et ne crée aucun jeu entre le dormant et la porte à l'ouverture ; aucune possibilité d'introduire un doigt.  

Une pression de 10Kg exercée sur une porte traditionnelle de 70cm (poids d’un enfant de 2/3 ans), le doigt écrasé, au niveau de la charnière sera soumis à une pression de 275 Kg.

Brass Sathys project for the consul algerian residence in Saint Etienne France, with the architect Idriss Bekka.

Aluminum version with anodized finish, two versions, "home" with plastic washers and "Technical" with overmolded Bronze washers

Plastic version, with different colors and combinations. low cost and ideal for school, home, nursery, etc ...

The adaptable integrating version, a specific frame, an adaptable edge on a traditional door and a hinge kit, can be adapted to all types of traditional doors, and thus make a traditional door an anti-finger trap door.

Example of a JH Industrie HUET door _ Discover Sathys Huet -

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