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Deveze Design has worked on several products from the Tigex range, Baby Bottle, Suction, home equipment, bath, etc ... Many products, starting from facelifts for some to real research of concepts then made industrial. A mutual trust which allows us to go even further in the realization of new products.

Consumer testimonial:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

- The-almost-perfect-life-of-a-more-than-imperfect-mom

"But there their scalable bathtub is downright terrible and it's really true !!!! (hee hee)

the first thing I noticed, what jumped out at me was its aesthetics!

Blue and green, she is really super beautiful!

Tigex really has the heart to give it a very pleasant aesthetic, thanks to its two colors blue and apple green and even going so far as to draw, or even engrave underwater background drawings on the bottom of the bathtub !!!

its very curved shape gives it even more a super funny side which pleases the loulous .... confirm by the reaction of Zoe "it is beautiful swimming pool moman"

Deveze Design worked on the designs of the Tigex, Tigex Excellence and Nuk bottle warmers. many technical constraints for the realization of the designs, but despite everything we managed a product with an attractive design with many positive feedback.

Design on the overall study of a new microwave sterilizer for baby bottles. There are many tips, such as chimneys that diffuses the steam directly into the bottles, for better sterilization, ergonomic handles, a quarter-turn closure system, specially developed for the concept. The result is a harmonious design with soft and reassuring curves.

Baby Alarm radio and video design

Design of a baby potty with removable bowl

Design of the new Tigex wide neck bi-material bottle and the support handle.

Model painting for the 2011 range

Design of teething rings for babies, two ranges according to the age of the child, they meet the standards in force and moreover have had the official approval of UFSBB, French Union for Oral Health.

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